Exploring the Earth and Sky of the West

Happy New Year!

A winter scene along the American River in the Wenatchee National Forest, Washington

Happy New Year from the winter wonderland of Washington! It’s been a somewhat dreary winter for us so far, with lots of inversions, freezing fog, and single digit temps. Fortunately, the gray pall lifted for a brief period on New Year’s Day, allowing us to enjoy a day of snowshoeing along the American River in the Cascades just west of Yakima. While it was a gorgeous bluebird day, our trail of choice followed the northern base of a tall ridge, keeping us mostly in the shade. The frequent glimpses of sunny forest across the valley were tantalizing, but the riverside scenery and relatively warm temperatures made for a pleasant outing nevertheless.

Here’s hoping to more such days (and more photography) in the months ahead, and best wishes for a joyful 2023!

A young conifer peeks through a pristine blanket of fresh snow along the American River in the Washington Cascades

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