Exploring the Earth and Sky of the West

Zion National Park, Utah

  • Angels Landing View
  • Angels Landing, Zion NP
  • Virgin River and Angel's Landing
  • Virgin River
  • Temple of Sinawava Waterfall
  • An ornate brown, white, and orange butterfly perched on a leaf
  • An isolated mesa dotted with trees is perched above cliffs of white sandstone
  • A tan lizard with brown and yellow spots and a thick black neck stripe rests on some rocks
  • A small creek flows through a canopy of green cottonwood trees with cliffs of red rock in the background
  • A lizard sits on a ledge of orange sandstone with a small arch in the background
  • Vast expanses of white and tan rock dotted with small trees and shrubs
  • A river winds through the bottom of a deep canyon with sheer rock walls
  • A bighorn sheep with short horns peer down from a ledge of rock
  • A trail winds through pine trees and vast expanses of white sandstone
  • Stars and planets dot the sky over cliffs and canyons of red rock
  • stars streak across a purple sky, with cliffs of red rock and lots of trees in a canyon below
  • White and red boulders sit in a dry wash with towering orange cliffs above
  • Cliffs of white and tan rock are streaked by dark red coloring, and dusted by a light layer of white snow.

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