Exploring the Earth and Sky of the West

Mt. Adams and the South Cascades, Washington Photography

  • Reflection of Milky Way and volcanic cone in a tranquil lake.
  • Orange and pink sunset light on the summit of a tall snow-capped mountain.
  • Orange sunset light on a tall, snow-capped mountain peak is reflected in a foreground pond.
  • A dark blue twilight sky is bisected by the glow of the Milky Way, and reflected in a tranquil pond.
  • The night sky including the Milky Way and the streak of a meteor is seen over a tall mountain peak.
  • Panorama of forested landscape dotted by tall volcanic peaks.
  • A tall mountain capped with snow and ice is surrounded by dense, dark green forests and a dark blue lake.
  • Several five-petaled white flowers with yellow centers and bright green leaves dot the forest floor.
  • Volcanic cone and wispy clouds reflected in a tranquil mountain lake.
  • A nearly full moon rises over a forest of trees
  • The setting sun casts a pink glow on low clouds above a rocky pinnacle with a lookout tower.