Exploring the Earth and Sky of the West

Gold Butte National Monument, Nevada

  • Bright pink and yellow cactus spines
  • Joshua Trees and red sandstone rock formations
  • Late afternoon sunlight on sandstone rock formations and desert mountains
  • Fossil brachiopods in a limestone boulder with sunlit Joshua Trees in the background.
  • Joshua Trees and red sandstone rock formations
  • Sunset light on rock formations, Joshua Trees, and desert mountains.
  • Sunrise light illuminates Joshua Trees and colorful sandstone boulders.
  • A notch in a sandstone boulder frames a view of a desert landscape.
  • A small fishhook cactus growing in rocks.
  • Red, pink, and yellow swirls in sandstone.
  • Petroglyph of a man that appears to be falling through space.
  • Several yuccas grow in sandy soil surrounded by sandstone rock formations.
  • A large sandstone boulder containing numerous petroglyphs.
  • Petroglyphs in the shape of Desert Tortoises.
  • Swirls of color on slickrock sandstone.
  • Large Joshua Tree with person for scale.
  • A raptor perches atop a Joshua Tree