Exploring the Earth and Sky of the West

East Slopes of the Cascades, Washington Photography

  • A bright rainbow intersects a series of forested plateaus
  • A mountain scene with low clouds, a rainbow, and red-brown cliffs of crumbly rock
  • A softly lit tent at the edge of a forest is seen with the night sky partially obscured by clouds overhead.
  • A hiker walks along a grassy meadow as clouds fill the sky overhead
  • A rocky ridge with a lookout tower on top is seen as the sky darkens to twilight in the background
  • The sky is filled with pink, orange, and purple as the sun sets on a forested scene
  • A tall snowy peak rises above dark volcanic cliffs in the foreground
  • A rocky ridge with forest on both sides. The forest on the right has been burned by a wildfire, while the trees on the left remain green.
  • A backpacker looks out an at orange sunset sky while standing on a rocky mesa covered in wildflowers
  • A clump of pine trees appear silhouetted against an orange sunset sky.
  • Slender green stalks bearing tiny white flowers grow out of gray and black burned soil, with charcoal logs and an orange sunset sky in the background
  • A herd of elk stand in a grassy forest