Exploring the Earth and Sky of the West

Denali National Park, Alaska Photography

  • Three moose forage in a pond
  • A caribou stands alongside a river flowing out of a snowy mountain range
  • A river flows through rocky crags, as someone stands on a bridge over the river
  • Bright pink wildflowers growing on a rocky slope
  • A landscapce of brown and red rocks and soil, and green vegetation
  • A landscape of barren rock, green vegetation, and distant glaciers and snowy peaks
  • Gray clouds hover over a landscape of scattered trees and shrubs
  • A tourist stand alongside a river scanning the mountains with binoculars
  • Several white sheep clamber among a cliff of rocks
  • A cluster of bright pink wildflowers growing in a gravel bar along a river
  • Three grizzly bears amble in a field of green grass
  • View of snowy peak through a layer of smoke